Fitness Expert Gayle Kluesner Discusses the Activate Metabolics Program

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Fitness

UltraYou connected with fitness expert Gayle Kluesner of the Activate Metabolics program to gain exclusive insights and invaluable advice on common questions asked by clients.


Fitness Guru Gayle Kluesner has made waves in the wellness world with her revolutionary use of the Activate Metabolics program. This groundbreaking approach to health and fitness offers simple yet effective techniques that help users reach their goals faster than ever before! Strengthen your body and mind, while discovering a healthier lifestyle – join Gayle’s movement today!

Fitness Expert Gayle Kluesner Discusses the Activate Metabolics ProgramUltraYou: What do you value most about your career in health and fitness?

Gayle: It might sound cliché but I love helping people learn a healthy lifestyle that translates to feeling & looking their best.

UltraYou: What are a few things you appreciate about Activate Metabolic program?

Gayle: The first thing that I appreciate about this program is that it’s a lifelong guide individualized to the client…this is because we use their DNA to create a unique plan that is sure to deliver lifelong results.

Second thing is that I get to learn all about my clients and their needs. As a coach, I am in contact with my clients daily, to support, guide, cheerlead and answer any questions they may have. We develop a great relationship.

Finally, this program was created by doctors. They knew that it’s imperative to reset the metabolism to achieve the best results. It is scientific and when followed, works.

UltraYou: What can you say to a person who’s never been successful in a weight loss program before?

Gayle: You do not have to do this alone or in the dark. There is so much misinformation out there it’s difficult to navigate. We help you all along the way, making sure you get the best results with a scientific and proven program.

UltraYou: What are a few points that a person can do when they are feeling overwhelmed by their current health or weight circumstances?

Gayle: Realize that you are not your past, and implement little ideas such as: drinking more water, limiting processed foods, get a good amount of sleep.

UltraYou: What do you believe to be the most important thing someone can tweak in their diet to make a small – but, significant change?

Gayle: Drink more water for sure…it delivers oxygen throughout your body, it boosts skin health and beauty, regulates body temperature, and cushions the brain and spinal cord in addition to helping you feel fuller for longer.

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